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Multiple Choice Questions
Problem Solving
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Admission help

The prices for orders may vary depending on which type of writing you’re about to order. You can select the currency when placing the order. Also, feel free to select the type of writing, the deadline, the level of the writing, and see the total cost of your order.

Note that writing from scratch will be more expensive than editing or proofreading services. The same is for multiple-choice questions. They will be cheaper than editing and proofreading. It all depends on your needs. One noticeable advice from us would be to order in advance. It is pretty easy to explain. The smallest deadline the writer has – the more stress he will put into the process of writing. It means that you will have to pay more.

We understand that students are not the most wealthy people. They have to pay student loans, work half time jobs. Usually, they have no time for rest. We understand that they appreciate each and every dollar. Hence we provide the loyalty program. You can gain some bonuses and use them for your future orders. It works the following way:

Place your first order, proceed with the payment, and wait for it to be delivered. You will get 5 to 15% bonuses depending on the size of the writing. These bonuses will be counted as money on your account. You can pay the rest with your credit card. That total will be much less.